NM2 is the ultimate portable MIDI controller 🔥

Featuring all new ways of expression through X/Y tilt, 18 buttons, 2 endless rotary encoders, and BOTH low latency bluetooth & USB MIDI

X/Y Tilt 😵‍💫

NM2 features a high sensitivity accelerometer to measure both the X and Y axis. It then converts this to MIDI CC for controlling effects 💫

Endless Rotary Encoders 🎛️

Both of NM2's knobs are endless encoders, allowing for infinite rotations (cycling 0 - 127 MIDI CC). Jump to any value instantly, without worrying about direction 🔄️

Silent Buttons 🤫

NM2 also features our tried and true soft/silent press buttons. With the perfect sensitivity for responsive beat making. No annoying click! 😤

Bluetooth/USB MIDI ⚡

By popular demand, NM2 offers BOTH low latency bluetooth MIDI as well as the more conventional USB MIDI interface 🔌