About Us


Schuyler & Zach during "LiveScream 2020"

Hello! 👽👋

We are this.is.NOISE inc, a company based out of Ontario, Canada.

Our company was founded in 2020 with a passion for creating unconventional and innovative music gear 🎛️⚡️

👉 Schuyler handles business and networking 💼

👉 Zach handles product development and day-to-day 💡

👉 Abby handles assembly and sanity checks 🔧

👉 April handles show/booth assistance and general Q&A 🙋‍♀️

What We Make👇

Noise Machine (NMSVE)

Noise Machine (NMSVE) launched on Kickstarter on November 4th, 2020 to an overwhelmingly supportive community.

By the end of November 2020, the campaign had raised over 100% of it's initial goal.

Noise Machine (NMSVE) is available for purchase via our website and select retailers around the world.


Learn more or purchase Noise Machine (NMSVE) HERE.

Check out Noise Machine (NMSVE)'s Kickstarter campaign HERE.


NM2 was unveiled in April 2024 as a direct follow up to Noise Machine (NMSVE).

With a slew of new features, NM2 is set to become the ultimate portable MIDI Controller.


Learn more or purchase NM2 HERE.


MIDI BLASTER launched on Indiegogo on Oct 31st, 2022 and was successfully funded in under 2 hours.

By the end of November 2022, the campaign had raised over 300% of its initial goal.

MIDI BLASTER is available for purchase via our website.


Learn more or purchase MIDI BLASTER HERE.

Check out MIDI BLASTER's Indiegogo campaign HERE.


Developed in tandem with Audeonic Apps, MIDImatic was released in 2022 as a complete solution for remapping MIDI controllers on iOS/iPadOS.

About MIDImatic:

"MIDImatic is a CoreMIDI application where you can connect and remap any MIDI controllers for use with other applications. After connecting and mapping your controller, simply have the application running in the background and any CoreMIDI compatible application will recognize the MIDImatic’s virtual MIDI port."


Download MIDImatic for free HERE