About Us


Founding Members, Schuyler & Zach during "LiveScream 2020"

Hello! đź‘‹

I’m Zach, a hardware/software designer from the Greater Toronto Area. My brother Schuyler and I make up this.is.NOISE inc, a creative outlet for electronic musical instruments 🎛⚡️

I began tinkering with Arduino music projects in late 2018. With the rise of mobile beat making I felt that small hardware accessories were needed to offer producers a more classic approach to making music with modern tools in the studio or on the go.

So, I began working on multiple prototypes to bring my vision to life.

After over a year of researching, testing, and developing, I approached my brother with something I felt solved this issue. A device that was small, wireless, and functional that works with modern software and could integrate into hardware setups or be used on its own for portable music creation.

Enter: Noise Machine, a miniature bluetooth MIDI controller and our first product. 

Noise Machine (NMSVE)

We introduced Noise Machine in May of 2020 to an overwhelmingly supportive community. Over the next few months we were featured in articles such as Engadget, MusicRadar, Decoded Magazine, and HappyMag, while also having a virtual booth at Synthesthesia 2020.

On November 4th, 2020 Noise Machine launched on Kickstarter for its 30 day campaign, through which we raised 102% of our $27,000 CDN goal. 

The following months were spent optimizing Noise Machine's hardware & software (with our backers continual feedback) to ensure we brought forth the best version of Noise Machine that we possibly could.

In March of 2021 we unveiled Noise Machine's new look under new branding: NMSVE (Noise Machine Straight Vibin' Edition).

We completed the delivery of Kickstarter units over the Summer of 2021, and are now offering orders via e-commerce.


You can order an NMSVE for yourself HERE.

Check out our Kickstarter campaign page HERE.

The Future

NMSVE is only the beginning for our start-up.

We are still hard at work developing, promoting, and selling NMSVE. However, we continue to work on new and exciting MIDI related technology in what spare time we have. Expect to see some fun, wacky, and unconventional products join NMSVE in the near future... 

In the meantime, we are constantly looking into new ways NMSVE can be implemented into musicians everyday lives. From education, to on-stage performances, photo editing, lighting, and of course music making - our teeny tiny MIDI controller holds an even larger purpose than we anticipated!

So here's to NMSVE, and the future of this.is.NOISE inc!