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THIS.IS.NOISE Inc is a start-up company founded by two brothers hailing from Toronto, Ontario.

We build unconventional Midi Controllers that are set on changing the where, when, and how music is made.

Why we do what we do

Noise Machine

Noise Machine is a super-duper teeny tiny wireless Midi Controller that doesn't compromise functionality for portability.

We just recently completed our crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. We are currently deep in production on these units, but are taking pre-orders that will be sent out immediately after Kickstarter units are complete.

Okay, Show Me the features!


Eumonik Pre-Kickstarter Review

We gave Eumonik a Noise Machine prototype - and he made this review! It goes over what Noise Machine is, what it's capable of, and even a little about the brains behind THIS.IS.NOISE inc. Features, functions, and possibilities, this review offers everything you need to know about NM!

Kickstarter Promo

Noise Machine's Kickstarter promotional video. Watch @attackonbash dance his way across Hamilton, Ontario with Noise Machine in hand! An entertaining way to learn a bit more about Noise Machine.

Fun Fact: the song in our Kickstarter video was made on a Noise Machine... Cool!

Need more NOISE?

Contact us for questions, inquiries, or general information on Noise Machine and THIS.IS.NOISE Inc.

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