redefine how you make music.


THIS.IS.NOISE inc is a start-up company founded by two brothers from Toronto, Ontario.

We build unconventional Midi Controllers that are set on changing the where, when, and how music is made.


Eumonik Pre-Kickstarter Review

We gave Eumonik a Noise Machine prototype - and he made this review! It goes over what Noise Machine is, what it's capable of, and even a little about the brains behind THIS.IS.NOISE inc. Features, functions, and possibilities, this review offers everything you need to know about NM!

Kickstarter Promo Video

Noise Machine's Kickstarter promotional video. Watch @attackonbash dance his way across Hamilton, Ontario with Noise Machine in hand! An entertaining way to learn a bit more about Noise Machine. Fun Fact: the song in our Kickstarter video was made using a Noise Machine... Cool!

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