redefine how you make music.


THIS.IS.NOISE inc is a start-up company founded by two brothers from Toronto, Ontario.

We build unconventional Midi Controllers that are set on changing the where, when, and how music is made.


The tiniest midi controller around? Yep, I think so šŸ˜³

NMSVE is crazy small - yet crazy capable!

Connect to #koalasampler for on the go sample triggering, or hook up to apps like #garageband and #flstudio to use NMSVE as a full fledge midi keyboard. Better yet, pair it with @cmepro WIDI peripherals to use NMSVE with hardware synths! The skyā€™s the limit šŸŒ 

And at only $79.99 USD it doesnā€™t even come close to breaking the bank šŸ”Øāœ‹šŸ¦

Wireless, compact, and affordable. What isnā€™t there to like?

Acquire the feel ā€¦ Acquire NMSVE šŸ¤²

The holiday season is fast approaching - order an NMSVE today to ensure shipping before Christmas! šŸŽ…šŸŽ„

In this video weā€™re using NMSVE connected to Koala Sampler to trigger some lofi samples, and FlyTape 2 for some lofi, stutter, and brake effects šŸ’„

All of which is routed through AUM that supports NMSVEs BLE MIDI connection natively!

Need more NOISE?

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