redefine how you make music. inc inc is a start-up company founded by two brothers from Toronto, Ontario.

We build unconventional MIDI controllers that are set on changing the where, when, and how music is made.

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Messing around with Chomplr app and AUM ✨

If you haven’t checked out Chomplr yet we highly recommend it! Especially if you’re packing NMSVE in your back pocket 🔥👏

There’s just something about triggering chopped samples that kicks our creativity levels to high gear….

Plus, you’re not confined to your desk either… take it outside! Cause why not 🌄☀️

This is the #NoiseMachine 🎹🎛🎚

It’s a tiny midi controller with 12 buttons, 1 dial, and 1 fader. It uses ble5 so it’s fast enough to actually make music with.
I think it’s going to work best as drum controller because I’m so used to the grid layout. It works excellently when connected to something like the @cmepro #widimaster buds.
Here it is controlling the #JupiterX, Looped and sequenced by the #SquarpPyramid. It’s a really cool way to make music. 🙏❤️

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