Connect to iPhone/iPad

NOTE: Do not connect NMSVE in your devices Bluetooth settings. If you have already done this, you must unpair it. ⚠️

  1. Turn NMSVE on via the switch on the backside of the device.
  2. The green LED will illuminate prompting you to select a channel by pressing the corresponding button (button1 = channel 1, button 2 = channel 2, etc...).
  3. NMSVE should now be flashing its blue connect LED - meaning that it is searching for a device to connect to (once connected the LED will go solid).
  4. On your device, determine whether the app you'd like to use natively supports BLE MIDI.
  5. If it does, find the BLE MIDI setting within the app and connect to NMSVE to begin using it as a regular MIDI device.
  6. If it doesn't, download MIDImatic from the Apple Appstore.
  7. Open MIDImatic and connect NMSVE. You can map the buttons and knob here before proceeding if desired.
  8. Open the application you'd like to use NMSVE with - NMSVE should now be connected as a regular MIDI device.