About Us

THIS.IS.NOISE Inc is a start-up company founded by two brothers hailing from Toronto, Ontario.

Formed in September 2020, THIS.IS.NOISE Inc was originally founded as a carrier for our first product: Noise Machine.

Founding Members, Schuyler Ackert & Zach Ackert


Noise Machine was introduced in May of 2020 to an overwhelmingly supportive community that helped us garner exposure and product awareness. It was announced that Noise Machine would be hitting Kickstarter in November 2020.

On November 4th, 2020 Noise Machine launched on Kickstarter for its 30 day campaign, through which we raised 102% of our $27,000 CDN goal. 

As of writing this, we are now shipping Kickstarter orders and will begin shipping e-commerce orders in August 2021.

We are currently offering orders for post-Kickstarter units, you can order one for yourself HERE.

Check out our Kickstarter campaign page HERE.


Noise Machine is only the beginning for our start-up.

We are still hard at work developing, promoting, and selling Noise Machine. However, we continue to work on new and exciting MIDI related technology in what spare time we have. Expect to see some fun, wacky, and unconventional products join Noise Machine in the near future... 

In the meantime, our team is constantly looking into new ways Noise Machine can be implemented into musicians everyday lives. From education, to on-stage performances, Noise Machine's purpose is even larger than we anticipated.

So here's to Noise Machine, and the future of THIS.IS.NOISE Inc!