Tested Software

List of Tested Software for NMSVE (Noise Machine)

NMSVE is a midi keyboard/controller oriented around the Bluetooth Midi Protocol, and as such, requires apps to to be used in tandem to get the most out of the device. 

The device itself sends MIDI data over low latency BLE MIDI to the "host device" (i.e. mobile phone, laptop, PC, adapter, etc...) to then trigger different functions such as notes, expression, and other music parameters; allowing the user to make music in real-time without the need for cables, audio signals, and the like.

So, to make it easier when first getting started with NMSVE, we've compiled a growing list of applications that our developers and/or community have successfully tested using NMSVE.

For full information on connecting NMSVE to applications please see: How to Connect NMSVE to a Device


If you'd like an application to be added to this list, or require an app to be tested, feel free to contact us.

The List (updated November 2021)

  • Garageband (iOS, Mac)
  • Koala Sampler (Android, iOS)
  • Korg Gadget 2 (iOS)
  • FLStudio (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS)
  • Ableton (Windows, Mac)
  • G-Stomper (Android)
  • Bandpass (Android)
  • BandLab (Android, iOS)
  • n-Track (Android, iOS)
  • DRC (Android)
  • AUM (iOS)
  • Chomplr (iOS)
  • bs-16i (iOS)
  • Perfect Piano (Android)
  • Reason (Windows, Mac)
  • Waveform (Windows, Mac)
  • Bitwig (Windows, Mac)
  • CME WIDI peripheral (bluetooth adapter for hardware synths)
  • Logic Pro X (Mac)
  • SDS-X (iOS)
  • Synth One (iOS)
  • Animoog Z (iOS, Mac)

.... and many more not yet listed!