Loop Mode

To access Loop Mode you must press button 3 while you're in the main menu.

NMSVE's blue connect LED will flash indicating it is searching for a device to connect to. Once connected, the blue LED will go solid.


Loop Mode gets a bit more complicated. Loop Mode turns NMSVE into a monophonic MIDI sequencer with loads of potential! 

When entering Loop Mode you will be put into one of two states. The first state is the "create state". You're entered into this when the rotary knob is turned all the way to the bottom corner. The second state is the "playback state". You're entered into this state when the knob is anywhere EXCEPT the bottom corner.

Create State

While in the create state, NMSVE's octave slider and buttons act the same as they do in default mode.

The key difference is that whatever note you play in the create state will then be played back in the playback state. 

So for instance, you could play C in Octave 3, B in Octave 5, and F in Octave 4, and each note would loop back to you in that order when entering the playback state.

You can also enter pauses into the loop by pushing the octave slider all the way to the left and playing button 1 (top left).

Playback State

Once you've created your loop, you can enter the playback state by simply turning the knob away from the bottom left corner. 

The loop will now play back to you at a varying rate dependent on where you place the rotary knob. For example, moving the knob farther away from the bottom left corner will slow the loop, while moving it closer will speed it up.

While your loop is playing, the octave slider now becomes a MIDI CC controller set to modulation by default. 

You can stop the loop at any time by moving the knob back to the bottom left corner. Once stopped, you will be back in the create state where you can add more to the loop.

To clear the loop, simply enter the playback state and hold button 1 (top left) until the loop stops playing.