How NMSVE Functions

Upon Start-up

After turning on NMSVE the green channel LED will illuminate prompting you to choose between 1 of 12 channels NMSVE can function on. 

To choose, simply press the button that correlates to the numbered channel you'd like to enter (i.e. pressing button 1 enters you into channel 1, button 2 to channel 2, etc).

After choosing a channel the blue connect LED will flash indicating it is searching for a device to connect toOnce connected, the blue LED will go solid.


NMSVE utilizes the 12 buttons as 12 separate MIDI notes ranging from C - B. You can then jump between 7 different octaves/banks (2-8) using the octave/bank slider.

This gives you access to 84 unique MIDI notes (MIDI note: 36 - 119).

The knob sends MIDI CC, controlling modulation by default.

Further, the green channel LED will go solid when you enter into an even numbered octave/bank (i.e. octave/bank 4). This, coupled with the numbers directly below the slider, gives you a clear way of knowing which octave/bank you're currently in.


If you have any issues with functioning NMSVE please contact our troubleshoot email:


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