Getting Started

I just got my NMSVE in the mail...

So, you just received your NMSVE.... CONGRATULATIONS! 🙌🎉

We're glad you chose to join our growing fanbase.

Now, whether you're a novice or well versed in all things MIDI, we're sure you're wondering how to get started using your brand new NMSVE.

Well, look no further! This is the start of an ever expanding list of text based resources you can turn to any time you need help with your NMSVE.

The "Getting Started" section will review everything you get with your NMSVE and any first steps you may need to take with your new MIDI controller.

I opened the box!

We're sure by now you've taken NMSVE out of the box and saw everything we offer in the packaging - this includes:

  • USB Type C charging cord
  • USB power adapter (if located in North America)
  • 2 stickers (2/5 different designs... which did you get?? 😮✨)
  • and of course, NMSVE!

After unpacking everything and putting the box aside, you're left with NMSVE sitting in front of you.

"Now what?" you may ask.

Well, first things first. NMSVE only comes half-ways charged, so you'll need to take the included USB Type C cord + power adapter and put NMSVE on the charger until the LED on the side lights up blue/green. 

Once this is complete you can unplug NMSVE and turn the unit on using the switch on the backside of the device.

Now you're ready to move onto learning how NMSVE functions.


If you have any issues getting started with NMSVE please contact our troubleshoot email:


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