DIY Kit Build


  • 1x NMSVE PCB
  • 1x 3D printed PETG case
  • 1x Faceplate
  • 1x Battery w/ cover
  • 1x Battery module
  • 1x Battery module to PCB wire connector
  • 1x Light tube
  • 1x Knob cap
  • 1x Slider cap
  • 1x M2 Allen key
  • 8x M2 screws
  • 1x USB Type C cord
  • 1x Charging Block (if located domestically)
  • 2x Stickers

10 Step Guide

  1. Insert charging module via velcro (attached)  + snap in fit, insert battery via velcro (attached).

  2. Snip and strip battery wires to roughly 35mm using a wire cutter.

  3. Solder red battery wire to pad labelled B+ and black battery wire to pad labelled B- on charging module.

  4. Solder red connector wire to pad labelled OUT+ and black connector wire to pad labelled OUT-.

  5. Connect the NMSVE PCB to the wire connector ensure NMSVE turns on via switch on the back (if not check solder connections).

  6. Snap PCB into the case until flush.

  7. Place faceplate on NMSVE PCB and screw (x4) into place.

  8. Screw bottom screws (x4) into case and ensure the case is level to work station - adjust screws as necessary.

  9. Press charging light tube with slope facing upward into hole on the right side of the case.

  10. Do a little dance - YOUR DONE! 🎉🕺🏽

Quick Video


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