Default Mode

To access Default Mode you must press button 1 while you're in the main menu.

When you choose Default Mode from the main menu the green channel LED will illuminate prompting you to choose between 1 of 12 channels Default Mode can function on. 

To choose, simply press the button that correlates to the numbered channel you'd like to enter (i.e. pressing button 1 enters you into channel 1, button 2 to channel 2, etc).

After choosing a channel the blue connect LED will flash indicating it is searching for a device to connect to. Once connected, the blue LED will go solid.


Default Mode is NMSVE's most simple mode, but make no mistake, it is POWERFUL! 💪

Default Mode utilizes NMSVE's 12 buttons as 12 separate MIDI notes ranging from C - B. You can then jump between 7 different octaves (2-8) using the octave slider.

This gives you access to over 80 different MIDI notes (MIDI note: 36 - 119).

In Default Mode the knob sends MIDI CC, controlling modulation by default.

To cap it all off, the green channel LED will go solid green when you enter into an even numbered octave (i.e. octave 4) giving you a clear way of knowing which octave you're currently in.