Well on our way!

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to throw a new update out there for you guys as we move into the last couple weeks of May.

We've been busy manufacturing the NMSVE's we currently have parts for (about 80 if you recall from the last update) while eagerly awaiting the rest of the electronics for the remaining units.

You can read about that process as well as other various things we are working on and the ETA for orders pledged to our Kickstarter campaign below 👇


But first, lets start with....


Our boxes have finally arrived! 

We teased the design last update, during which we were unsure about if we would go with the brown/black design, or the white/black design.

After getting some feedback and seeing mockups of both we decided to keep the colour scheme as consistent as possible with how NMSVE looks, and naturally chose the white/black to match.

This box was ungodly heavy to lift 😂

We also decided to go with the heavy duty corrugated cardboard, allowing us to send the box as is without having to package it within another box when we go to ship them out. This keeps our footprint as low as possible, while ensuring NMSVE is safe in transit.

The Finished Product 📦

Build Process,

Just last month we had received the last few parts necessary to get started building the very first NMSVE's, so this month has been largely spent nailing down the build process for efficiency and best practices. 

There has been a lot of trial and error associated with getting this right, but we're pretty close to having the first batch built! 

NM's ready to be soldered 🔥

The above photo shows the first step in the build process: getting the battery/charging module connected to the case via our own tried and true method of pressure fitting the components and securing with velcro.

The next steps would include: Soldering components together, charging the battery, connecting the PCB and placing it within the casing, securing the PCB by screwing on the faceplate, and then finally coding the unit through Arduino.

Assembling NMSVE 🏗️

Afterwards, we run multiple tests to ensure all NMSVE features are working correctly, before packaging it all together with bubble wrap inside the box.

What else are we working on?

While most of our time will be dedicated to building these NMSVE's, there are a few other things we will be simultaneously working on.

One of which is a YouTube playlist of tutorials that will be posted before sending out any units. The playlist will consist of short videos showing you how to do things such as: connect to a device, overview of modes, and other tips to get started with NMSVE.

We are also working on updating the list of NMSVE compatible applications which was featured at the end of our last update. We got quite a few suggestions of apps to test in the comments, and we plan on testing them all at one point or another. You can expect the updated list in our next update.


Other small background tasks that we are working on completing include: designing various stickers to be sent in the box, and small updates to the code which you can find on our GitHub repository.

When will I receive my NMSVE?

I'm sure many of you are wondering when it is exactly you'll be receiving your NMSVE. We've been fairly cryptic in terms of ETA, mostly due to the fact we were unsure of when we can actually get them all built and shipped out. Plus with the unexpected delay of the PCB's, we've been forced to make some important decisions as to when we will send out units.

Ultimately, in the spirit of getting NMSVE out there sooner than later, our decision came to sending out units in batches rather than taking the "send them all out at once" route.

How we will determine who gets theirs first lies solely in the timing of when you initially backed our Kickstarter. So for instance: if you purchased in the "Super Early Bird" tier you will be receiving yours first, vs. the other available tiers.

If you pledged via the "Super Early Bird" tier you can expect your NMSVE to ship mid June. After these units get sent out we will continue sending out small batches for the remainder of June and into July for those who pledged in the remaining tiers.

When it is all said and done, we'd like to have all Kickstarter units sent out by the end of July.

Que end of update,

As always, if you have any questions whatsoever feel free to reach out to us through DM, the comments, or Email

Until next time...

Cheers from the Noise Machine Team! 🍻


Zach Ackert, Co-founder/CDO @ THIS.IS.NOISE inc

Schuyler Ackert, Co-Founder/CEO @ THIS.IS.NOISE inc

Jayden Travis, Social Media Director @ THIS.IS.NOISE inc

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