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As you may or may not have heard, we opened pre-orders for NMSVE on our website last week! 

The reception has been great and it's been amazing to have the opportunity to continue to grow the Noise Machine community before we begin sending out units. We're hoping to keep the sales consistent throughout the rest of the manufacturing process, or until we run out of stock we've ordered along with Kickstarter units (Wave 1 baby!! 🌊🌊🌊).

Either way, if you're interested in snagging another (or just want to share us with someone you know) here's a link to our site: https://thisisnoiseinc.com.

Okay, moving on.....


100% of the required parts for both Kickstarter and Wave 1 NMSVE's have been ordered! The whole process of tweaking NM's design to be sturdier, more user friendly, and hackable has been going on for the last 2 months or so. Being able to say NMSVE's design is 100% finalized is a really awesome feeling. Aaaaand....

We're that much closer to getting them out there!

The only negative news that comes with this is that we have received some delays from the PCB/Electronics manufacturer we use. In particular, they are experiencing delays in sourcing the knobs and a few other parts... they estimate that it will be another 15-20 days until all the parts are in on their end to start manufacturing the PCB's. Essentially pushing back the ETA on these by a few weeks.

But that's okay, we do have about 80 boards from a previous run that we can get started on in the meantime! 😊

Parts we're receiving this week:

- This week we should be receiving some miscellaneous parts that we ordered a few weeks ago (wires, hex screws, etc) as well as our faceplates from our local manufacturer. 

Parts we're still waiting on:

- Batteries

- Charging Modules

-Electronics (PCBs)

- Slider Caps


We briefly mentioned this in the last update, but acquiring boxes from a soon to be determined local supplier is in the works. We have since finalized the design, and are currently working on finding a company for blank samples to confirm the dimensions.

We haven't decided whether we want the boxes white or brown yet... Let us know what you think in the comments 👀

👇 You can take a look at the 3D model below! 👇

Clean & Simple, NMSVE


"What applications does NMSVE actually work with?" 

This is a question we get asked quite often from those interested in Noise Machine.

To better answer this, we've been spending some time testing out different applications and how well NMSVE integrates into them. So far, we've tested a large majority of the popular applications with a lot of success. 

Take a look at the list below to see which we've tested, and which are our favourites so far (in bold).

Garageband (iOS) ✅ - Best for beginners

Korg Gadget 2 (iOS) ✅ - Best all-around DAW for mobile

FLStudio (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS) ✅

Ableton (Windows, Mac) ✅ - Best desktop

G-Stomper (Android) ✅

Bandpass (Android) ✅ - Peep this one in our last video

Koala Sampler (Android, iOS) ✅ - Best sampler

BandLab (Android, iOS) ✅

n-Track (Android, iOS) ✅

DRC (Android) ✅ - Best for making NOISE

If there's a DAW or music making application you'd like us to try out that we haven't yet drop a comment below! 

We'll continue working on content showcasing NMSVE utilizing these applications in various ways (Probably starting with Koala Sampler 🐨🎶).

End Note,

That's about it in terms of updates for this week. Expect some new content to drop on our Instagram sometime next week, and some semi regular stories in between.

And of course don't forget to continue sharing us with those you know... We're starting to grow and are expecting to get even bigger once you guys are able to show the world what NM can do!

In the meantime, stay safe and healthy and we'll catch you on the next one 💯


Zach Ackert - Co-Founder/CDO @ THIS.IS.NOISE inc

Schuyler Ackert - Co-Founder/CEO @ THIS.IS.NOISE inc

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