Noise Machine New Modes


First, some minor updates

Hello everybody, hope you're staying safe and doing well. These last few weeks have been very busy (and very exciting) for Noise Machine, but let's take it slow and start with some minor updates.

Components continue to arrive daily for the first batch of Noise Machines and we're currently waiting on the cases before we can begin production. Wait times are taking a little longer than we expected (hard to predict anything like that in these crazy times) but it looks like our Kickstarter debut won't be pushed back too far. If all goes well, expect to see us on the platform this September :)

Now onto some really exciting stuff.

We've had thoughts of expanding Noise Machine's capabilities for quite some time now, but never really had the time to bring these thoughts into fruition. However, waiting on components left us with more than enough spare time... spare time that hasn't been wasted!

We'd like to introduce Split Mode & Loop Mode.




"You can do some cool stuff, Like Drums on one channel and a Lo-Fi Pad on the other"

Split Mode can be considered a new twist on Noise Machine's default mode you know and love. The Octave Slider works the same, as does the Midi CC Knob... The difference? The buttons. 

The first 6 buttons send midi messages to Channel 1, while the second 6 buttons send midi messages to Channel 2. This allows you to play two instruments at once, entirely separate from each other! No need to record your melody and baseline separately anymore... use Noise Machine's Split Mode to quickly and easily experiment with two sounds chemistry 🧪🔊




"Awesome, Right?"

Loop Mode is crazy fun. It's like if a Loop Pedal and Midi Sequencer had a baby.... and named it Noise Machine.

Make sure the Midi CC Knob is set at zero. Play whatever notes you want, in whatever octave, in whatever order. Turn the Midi CC Knob... And BOOM, Noise Machine will play back those same notes in that same order, using the Midi CC Knob to control the BPM. As if that alone wasn't cool enough, you can control any modulation while the loop is playing by using the Octave Slider turned Midi Expression Slider. This mode works great in live settings, allowing up to 16 notes and/or pauses (Maybe more in future updates?).

Piano, Arps, Harps, Drums, Synths, Pads, you name it. Noise Machine's loop mode will have your creativity sparked, and you jamming in no time at all.

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