New Colours? You Betcha!

Hey everyone,Β 

Continuing off our last update from a couple weeks ago, we're here to show you some examples of NM SVE's new colour options!

But First, A Few Words

Near the middle of March we invested in a couple more 3D printers with which we've been modding and fine tuning specifically for NM SVE's new case design. I've said it before and I'll say it once again, 3D printing in and of itself is a finicky science, so this unfortunately was taking longer than expected. However, we seem to have hammered out the majority of the necessary settings, with only a few tweaks before we'll become ready to start printing 24/7.... Yet, before we start there's the all important question of which colour case(s) will be shipped to each of our backers!

And to find out what colours everyone wants we figured we'd get this update out there in the wild before we sent out any of our Kickstarter surveys (as colour options will be information we need from you ASAP moving forward).

Alright....COLOURS! 🎨

The 4 Flavours of NM SVE πŸ‘…

BOOM! πŸ’₯

There you have it! Neon Green, Clear, Ultramarine Blue, and Galaxy Black...All 4 of Noise Machine's colours, fresh off the printer 😎

Personally, we had a hard time choosing our favourite colour out of the 4 to begin with, and seeing them in person all put together only made the decision harder!

Fan Favourite, Neon Green

Neon Green Translucent is by far the most vibrant of NM SVE's new colours.Β 

It's just translucent enough to faintly see some of the internal components, but not enough to be overly noticeable most of the time. The light green contrasts very nicely with the black buttons and screws, with the white PCB being a perfect medium to blend the two ....

Looks Good Enough to Eat!

 With the light directly on it, this green gives off a really cool shine! ✨

Meanwhile, Ultramarine blue hits the other extreme: coming off as a very dark shade, being a lot less translucent than its green counterpart.Β 

A Perfect Dark Blue Tone πŸ‘Œ

This is a great alternative to Galaxy Black if you want a case that stays low-key, but adds a bit more personality to your Noise Machine! 🌊

Ultramarine Blue Anyone?

That brings us to our bronze medalist, Prusament's Clear PETG!Β 

This one was really interesting to watch print for the first time.... The first layer would lay down crystal clear on the printer, with each subsequent layer being layed down making it slightly more opaque. What's left is this "Milky White Translucent" look you can see in the image below.Β 

Check out those Screws! πŸ”©

Nice and minimalist.

Oh ya, there's one other thing that this clear case can do that immediately sold us on it. When charging NM SVE at night, Prusament's Clear PETG is just clear enough that it amplifies the charging LED, turning Noise Machine into an orb of light 🀯

Taken in a pitch black room.... Okay, now that's sick.

Β And to round off our selection, there's NM SVE's original choice offering everyone knows and loves: Galaxy Black!

Galaxy Black, with the Knob and Slider cap coming with each NM SVE 🌌

One great thing about going with Galaxy Black (other than the fact that it looks like the freaking galaxy) is how well the pigment hides any layer lines, giving off an awesome aesthetic you really can't go wrong with.


Hopefully this update helps you guys decide which colour casing you'd like shipped with your very own NM SVE. There's an even greater chance that this update has done the opposite, considering each colour looks incredible in their own way!

Regardless, we'll be sending out Kickstarter surveys on Friday that will reference this update as a guide for choosing which colour you'd like. The only other bit of information we'll be getting from you will be your address, as that's really all we need to get moving on building/manufacturing these bad boys. If you don't get your survey by Saturday please reach out to us here.

Needless to say, the sooner we get your survey, the sooner we can get started, the sooner you get more updates, the sooner you get your Noise Machine, (I think you get the picture πŸ˜‰).

Anything Else?

Oh, also!Β 

We should have pre orders up on our website this April with the new colours as selections. Once we're in good standing with our Kickstarter orders we can focus once again on marketing these and getting some of our first pre order units out there. Exciting times ahead!

We'll save the nitty gritty of what's to come for our next update, where we'll give a bit more info on what we have ordered, what we still need to do, and how we plan on doing it to get these units in your hands.

Until then, stay safe!

-Zach Ackert, THIS.IS.NOISE incΒ 

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