MIDImatic is LIVE! 🎉📱

Our long awaited application is here! 

Introducing: MIDImatic

MIDImatic is our first software application as a company, and was made as a way to easily connect and customize MIDI controllers across iOS/iPadOS.


About MIDImatic

"MIDImatic is a CoreMIDI application where you can connect and remap any MIDI controllers for use with other applications. After connecting and mapping your controller, simply have the application running in the background and any CoreMIDI compatible application will recognize the MIDImatic’s virtual MIDI port."


- BLE MIDI to CoreMIDI virtual port

- Multi controller support

- Conversion recall on connect

- MIDI Learn and Reset (Hold for “Reset All”)

- USB MIDI/BLE MIDI conversions:

   - Notes

   - Aftertouch

   - Controller

   - Program Change

   - Channel Pressure

   - Pitchbend

   - Song Select

   - Start

   - Continue

   - Stop

   - Channel Selection

MIDImatic as an application

MIDImatic has been on our minds since we first launched our Kickstarter way back in 2020.

We began talking with developers early 2022, and were ultimately able to secure Audeonic as our partner to develop the application. 

Originally, we created MIDImatic as a way to easily connect and customize the layout of our current bluetooth MIDI controller: NMSVE (Noise Machine).

Instead, MIDImatic has become a standalone application for ANY MIDI controller to have full customizability on iOS/iPadOS - all for free! ✨

This decision stems largely from the fact that our company has thrived through community engagement. So, by allowing any MIDI controller to be used with MIDImatic we hope to grow the community and have MIDImatic serve as an introduction to this.is.NOISE inc for all MIDI users.



This is amazing thank you for this


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Any plans for a PC version?

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