Making NOISE 🔊

Hey there everybody!

We're nearing the end of July, so we thought we'd give everyone a quick update before August begins 🍃☀️

This month has been solely dedicated to building and sending out Noise Machines to our Kickstarter backers. It's been a long process, but we're proud to say we're well over half way done building them! 🎉

This is a big milestone for THIS.IS.NOISE inc.  We haven't sent out all the units that have been built so far, but we are still garnering plenty of feedback from those who have already received theirs :) Before we get too far ahead of ourselves however, lets quickly go over some crucial info....

Some people got their unit... When do I get mine??,

The big question everyone wants to know 👀 

As previously mentioned, we have some Noise Machines on the shelf already built that haven't been sent out yet. These units are allocated to people we've sent shipping invoices to, but have yet to hear back from. As of today, we have sent shipping invoices to everyone who backed the Super Early Bird & Early Bird tiers (minus those who haven't completed their survey). If you're part of one of those tiers but haven't received an invoice yet please reach out to us asap and we can get it sorted out. Keep in mind we send these invoices via the email associated to your Kickstarter account, so if you'd like it sent to an alternate address just let us know and we can get it to you. 

Some boxes patiently waiting to be shipped 🛫

We'll only be holding these units for so long until we send them out to the next person in line, so make sure you pay for shipping at your earliest convenience so you don't encounter any delays ✅

We'll be sending out shipping invoices to the other tiers starting late this week/into next, so be on the look out if this includes you!

E-commerce Orders,

As of right now, we are focusing on getting all Kickstarter orders out there; however e-commerce orders will start directly afterwards. We're anticipating to begin building e-commerce orders in early August and get those out the door mid-to late August. These orders should go out in a more timely manner as shipping is already pre-paid at checkout on our site, and our manufacturing process will only get faster as we continually improve it 🚗💨

If you have any questions about either the Kickstarter orders or e-commerce orders please feel free to email us at: info[at]thisisnoiseinc[dot]com or DM us on InstagramFacebook, or Kickstarter.

Besides Building & Shipping,

While building and shipping units takes up most of our time nowadays, there are still a couple things we will be working on in our spare time...

We will be answering a commonly asked question we've received from a few backers: How do I upload my own code? Rather than answering that question here, we think it will be best to make another written tutorial to add to our existing tutorials for ease of use. We'll most likely get this written up this week or next, so make sure to keep an eye out for it!

Uploading a sketch to NMSVE.... Final step before quality check!

We'll also be working towards returning to our regular activity on Instagram, with comments//likes/stories and eventually, new content 📱 Transitioning back into the little parts of promoting Noise Machine will help us easily make the full transition when the time comes. So expect some more killer content to come out once we're all caught up on orders 💪


We mentioned this briefly in the intro, but wanted to talk a bit more about it before ending this update.

We LOVE your feedback! Good or bad, feedback helps us understand what we're doing right, and what we need to improve on in certain areas. Once you have a chance to play around with your NMSVE we urge you to reach out to us and let us know how it went. We take all feedback very seriously and reaching out to us directly really helps.

Besides reaching out directly, we also LOVE to see content about Noise Machine on your socials! Stories, posts, comments, whatever it may be, seeing Noise Machine out in the wild helps more people learn about us and ultimately join the community. Plus, we'll be sharing all the content you can come up with on your NMSVE on our official instagram page, as I'm sure some extra eyes on your account will be appreciated :)

Until next time,

That should just about cover it! So until next time, stay safe & healthy out there.

If all continues to go well, you should have your NMSVE in your hands by the time Update #21 rolls around 🎶


THIS.IS.NOISE inc / Noise Machine Team

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