Getting Noise Machine to Market in 2021

What's To Come,

2021 is going to be a busy year.

Building, designing, testing, and fulfilling will be a long process. But a huge milestone for THIS.IS.NOISE at that!

We're excited to bring forward the absolute best version of Noise Machine we possibly can in a timely fashion. That's why we'll be making small revisions to Noise Machine's design and build as we progress, taking in your feedback all the while. You are very much a part of this process as our own developers, and we'd love to hear ways we can make the final variant of Noise Machine the best it can be. Feel free to reach out to us anytime with suggestions or opinions. We want to hear them!

Shifting focus to timelines... it's fairly early to predict anything other than our approach to fulfilling orders. The way we go about this will most likely be in a "batch" format, where we focus on sending out a certain number of units at a time. When you will receive your order will largely depend on your Kickstarter backer number. This way we can mitigate risk and manage order details for each of our backers on a manageable level.

First Steps,

As many of you know, the province of Ontario, Canada (where our team is based out of) started off the New Year in lockdown due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. On top of this, the province entered a "state of emergency" just last week, with heavier restrictions and guidelines recommending every non-essential worker to follow the stay at home order. Admittedly, not a great start for 2021.

As one can imagine, this made it more difficult for us to effectively communicate while working on various details/prototyping for the final Kickstarter units. With that being said, we have managed to get into a routine where we can experiment and discuss the production process... albeit in a slightly slower fashion than we were hoping. Regardless, we have made progress in terms of casing (the first production cycle we must confirm) and what methods we have available before we begin production. 

We hope to have a definitive case production method by the end of January/early February. Production should hopefully begin not long after (as long as lockdown restrictions permit). After this, we will begin focusing our attention over to verifying electronics and ordering the remainder of the PCB's. Once those are ready, we can begin putting together the first Kickstarter orders in March/April. 

Leaving us in good standing time wise!

Final Note,

Although we are trying our best to keep everyone well informed throughout this process, we'd love to hear any and all criticism you (our backers) may have in regards to communication/what you expect to see. The rest of January and a portion of February will be fairly uneventful as it is just a matter of confirming designs and preparing our team to begin production, so updates will be scarce in the meantime. Designing, building, and ultimately sending out a product is a long and and strenuous journey. We have already learnt so much as a team and as a company in the short time since our inception. It's exciting to think how strong we will be come June! And how amazing it will be for Noise Machine to begin its own journey in your hands.

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