Final Countdown

Hey there NMSVE backers!

Just under a month has passed since our last Kickstarter Update #18 and there's a lot that's been happening that we need to touch on since that was posted. So we'll keep the intro brief and jump straight into the first piece of news....


We've actually had a few backers ask about certifications within the last couple of months and we wanted to reassure them in terms of the safety and clearance levels of NMSVE when we go to ship them out. To address this, we spent the last portion of May/the first week into June talking with a local test lab in regards to getting NMSVE's EMC (Electromagnetic compatibility) tested to ensure it's safety moving forward.  As such, we headed into the test lab on June 8th to subject NMSVE to a few different tests.

NMSVE hooked up and ready to go 📡

All in all the tests took about 4 hours and covered NMSVE in a variety of different circumstances (searching for a signal, connected to a device, sending data, plugged in and sending data etc...). These tests all took place in a massive air tight room surrounded by foam walls that you can see in the photo above/below. The kind folks at Nemko even walked us through their entire lab explaining what each piece of equipment does and how EMC noise is analyzed and monitored. It was a really cool experience, and the fact that Noise Machine's results came in under the average made it that much cooler 😎 🙌

Noise Machine emits almost no Noise... Time for a name change? 😂

The First Batch,

It's June and you know what that means.... The estimated shipping dates are here! A lot of you have been waiting patiently for this month to arrive and now that's it's finally here are curious to see where our team is in terms of getting units out there. 

As you know from our last update, we decided to focus on getting the first 30 NMSVE's built (Super Early Bird tier) and shipped by mid June. The certification process slowed us down a little bit, but we hauled a$$ last week and fortunately got all 30 fully built and ready to be packaged!

Noise Machine Army 🎖️

The process of building these first 30 units was more time consuming than we had hoped, but was vital in getting routines down and setting an efficient assembly type production. We're hoping that as we build more we learn faster techniques for doing the labour side of the build process.

NMSVE's ready to be charged before next round of soldering

Next week we begin manufacturing the Early Bird tier and are planning to get the majority of those finished by the end of June. For now, the Super Early Bird's still need to be coded and packaged before shipment next week.


Super Early Bird Backers have begun receiving shipping invoices this week as we're nearing completion of the first 30 orders. We've been as transparent as possible when it comes to our shipping policy which was outlined at the bottom of our campaign page back in November. Originally, we expected shipping to cost anywhere between $10-$50 but have since discovered it will be much closer to $10 for Domestic shipments (Yay!). International shipping fees will come in a little pricier than Domestic, but again lower than the $50 range specified in our campaign. Once you receive an invoice you can pay it using just about any type of method (credit card, Paypal, etc.) except Dogecoin... For now?? 👀

In all seriousness, if you have any questions in regards to shipping info feel free to reach out to us directly via DM.


Another thing we've been working at off and on is setting up some tutorials for our backers to easily get NMSVE set up upon arrival. Originally, we were going to make some YouTube videos to make it that much easier but unfortunately haven't had the time to set up our cameras and get those made. To fill the void we've opted to making some text based tutorials. We've completed the first one titled "Connect NMSVE to a Device" which you can check out here. We'll try to get a couple more made in time for the first round of shipments next week, specifically one going over modes, but if you have any recommendations for other topics please drop a comment below :).

Updated List of Compatible Software,

We went over the comments left in Update #17 and tested out a few more applications for use with NMSVE.


Tested Prior:

Garageband (iOS) ✅ - Best for beginners

Korg Gadget 2 (iOS) ✅ - Best all-around DAW for mobile

FLStudio (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS) ✅

Ableton (Windows, Mac) ✅ - Best desktop

G-Stomper (Android) ✅

Bandpass (Android) ✅ - Peep this one in our last video

Koala Sampler (Android, iOS) ✅ - Best sampler

BandLab (Android, iOS) ✅

n-Track (Android, iOS) ✅

DRC (Android) ✅ - Best for making NOISE


Newly Tested:

Reason (Tested with Windows 10) ✅

Waveform (Tested with Windows 10) ✅

Bitwig (Tested with Windows 10) ✅


Still Need to be Tested:

Logic Pro X (most likely compatible) ❓

Beat Maker 3 ❓


Okay, that should just about cover it! 

These last 30 days have been huge for NMSVE as we prepare to send out units to our very first backers. Moving forward we're excited to see the first Noise Machine's opened up and used to create all kinds of beats anywhere & everywhere 🌴⛰️

As always we'll keep you guys updated on any other new developments here and on our Instagram/Facebook through stories and posts.

Until next time,

Cheers! 🍻

Zach Ackert Co-Founder/CDO @ THIS.IS.NOISE inc

Schuyler Ackert - Co-Founder/CEO @ THIS.IS.NOISE inc

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