Updates on E-commerce Orders, Plans, and Everything Else 😅


Long Time, No Talk!

Hey everyone! Zach here with what feels like a lonnnnggg overdue update.... 

It's been a crazy last few months - between advertisement efforts in October, our very first limited edition NMSVE launch, the Kickstarter Anniversary Sale, and now heading into the holiday season, we've been busy bees to say the very least 🐝

Considering all that, and the fact that our last update was in August, we felt that we needed to let all our followers and fans know what we'll be working on the next few weeks/months ahead of us. 

So, without wasting anymore time, let's get into it!



The last few weeks have been busy... but busy is good!

E-Commerce, Orders, and Production

Since finishing up the majority of Kickstarter orders way back in August, we knew the logical next steps would be trying out e-commerce orders from our online store.

Thankfully, this has been a huge success thus far!

1st Wave Orders - SOLD OUT

We've been playing around with different kinds of advertisements, promotions, and direct marketing to figure out what works best to get our miniature midi keyboard (or controller... whatever you'd like to classify it as 😉) out in front of those who may be interested, and we've met a lot of fun characters along the way because of it 😊.

One such promotion - our Kickstarter Anniversary Sale (where we brought back Kickstarter pricing) - was such a huge success that we sold out of what was left of our first wave units by November 5th (the next day)!

Luckily, we had parts ordered back in October in preparation for something like this happening....

New Orders (2nd Wave) Updates

That leads us to what's going on today with all new/current orders.

We're still awaiting batteries and PCBs to arrive from our distributor, but so far we're on track to receiving these by the end of November moving into the first week of December. If all goes according to plan, we should have all current and new orders built and shipped by December 10th, 2021 or sooner. If this changes for whatever reason we will update you guys appropriately 👍.

Future Waves...

Although it's still somewhat early to determine our average orders per week and the subsequent stock needed to fulfill them consistently, wave 2 should last us into 2022 by which point our sale orders per week will be determined.

What We're Working on for 2022

While we may have one more trick up our sleeve for 2021 (Did someone say Christmas Edition? 🤫🎅) we thought it'd be nice to fill everyone in on what we have planned for the coming year and beyond 🌠.

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are something we've been planning on making for quite a while now. We're looking to create a playlist on YouTube full of videos ranging from connecting NMSVE to popular apps like Koala Sampler and AUM, to more creative approaches: like cool places and ways NMSVE can be used that differ from conventional midi devices.

Expect these to drop Q1 2022 😎.

More Limited Edition Cases

If you were following our socials back in October there's a good chance you saw our very first Limited Edition NMSVE drop in time for Halloween 👻. There were only 3 units available for purchase, and they sold out very quickly! Because of the popularity of the two toned cases, we've decided that we'll be dropping more Limited Edition cases with different colour combinations in 2022 👀. 

We'll also be releasing some new solid colours to replace Ultramarine Blue and Neon Green once these sell out, so make sure to watch for those as well!

NAMM 2022

As many of you know, THIS.IS.NOISE inc was founded September 2020, right smack in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to this, we have yet to attend any physical music hardware events due to North American regulations/mandates. Now that things are starting to cool down, we're ready to get our brand out there on one of the biggest stages in the industry: NAMM 2022! 🎉 

NAMM 2022 will be held on June 3-5, 2022 in Anaheim, California at the Anaheim Convention Center. If you're planning on attending look for us there, or tune into our socials that weekend to see our adventures 🤠.

Companion App??

This is the big one.

Something many of you are interested in, and would like to see bundled with NMSVE.

Currently this is super early in development, although we have talked with a few developers to find out costs, requirements, and feasibility. We can't reveal anything about this at the moment, but this is something we are actively working on heading into 2022!

New Product Launch

Arguably even farther out than the companion app, we do have a prototype in the works for a music hardware product to join NMSVE....

Watch for information regarding this to surface in 2022.

Okay, Long Update, Let's Cap This Off!

Whew... Out of breath! 

Alright folks, I believe we covered most of what's been happening and what's in development the coming months here at THIS.IS.NOISE inc. 

One other thing I will mention before ending this update is how much content we've been seeing from those who have received their NMSVE's - Like wow... you guys are AWESOME!

Excited to see what else will come from our customers in the future 😃



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