Colour Results are in!


Our poll to decide on NM SVE's colour options has concluded. 

Thank you to all the backers that participated in choosing their favourite Prusament Filament! Overall it was a very tight race, with the votes widely dispersed throughout the 15 different colours to choose from.

We love involving the community in all manners of Noise Machine and we personally feel that you guys choose some awesome colours! 

Okay, Okay, Which Three Won??

Alright, lets get to the main event. Coming in at Third.....

🥉 Clear

We aren't going to lie, this one surprised us! Although, now that we think about it, a clear (in reality "Translucent") variant of Noise Machine would be way cool... Especially with NM SVE's 1.5mm walls, allowing decent visibility into the casing! 

Holding 13% of the votes, clear comes in at third on the poll 🗳️

Moving on to Second place, we have...

🥈 Ultramarine Blue Transparent

Introducing one of our personal favourites, the one and only Ultramarine Blue Transparent! 

Maintaining a similar translucent look as Clear, Ultramarine Blue Transparent adds a gorgeous dark blue hue that we're sure NM SVE will look quite nice in.

Holding 15% of the votes, here's Ultramarine Blue Transparent! 🔵

 Finally, the colour with the most votes in "What Colour Casing for NM SVE?"...

🥇 Neon Green Transparent

Apparently you guys really like that translucent look!

Without a doubt the most vibrant of Prusaments offerings, Neon Green Transparent seemed destine to win right from the get go, pulling ahead within minutes of opening the poll Friday night.

Holding 17% of the votes, here's the winner: Neon Green Transparent! 🦎

Aaaaand, that just about does it for our poll!

Oh wait, let's not forget to give out a participation award....

⭐ Runner-up!

For a while it was looking like our Third place was going to be Prusament's staple "Orange" colour, with it sitting in third for the first half of the weekend.

Unfortunately for it, Clear made a massive leap to squeak into Third (Sorry Eumonik 😳).

Although it couldn't hold onto its spot, we see that this colour may have a following.... It may just have to make an appearance in a second wave of colours in the near future!

The Official Colours of NM SVE (Kickstarter)

But for now we're left with the 4 colours that will be available to our Kickstarter Backers for this summer:

1. Galaxy Black

2. Neon Green Transparent

3. Ultramarine Blue Transparent

4. Clear

Upset your colour didn't make it to the final 4? Don't worry! More colours will surely become available as our community grows.

And if you aren't that patient then that's fine too... Once we launch the .STL you can have NM SVE in any colour you desire! (As long as you own, or know someone who owns, a 3D printer 😉).

Also, here's a full screenshot of the results in case you were curious where your favourite colour landed...

Hopefully you guys can zoom in 😬


Let's end this update so it doesn't become any longer than it needs to be... ha!

Expect to see an option to choose one of the 4 colours in your own Kickstarter Survey to be sent out in a couple weeks (or sooner?).

Until then, keep it real and stay safe!

- Zach Ackert, THIS.IS.NOISE inc

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