2022 Progress Update #2

Hey everybody!

Zach here with a follow up update (read our last update here) on everything going on here at this.is.NOISE inc for Q2 2022 😎💥

So without wasting too much time, let's get into it! ⛏️👷‍♂️

👇 NEW! 👇

We're launching our first program directed towards influencers in the music space!

Our Affiliated Marketing Program is a unique way for us to market NMSVE, as well as help influencers grow their own brand and make some $$$ while they're at it 💸

For more details, or to apply for an Affiliated Marketing Position click here.

Our App is nearly finished 📱

This one's been a long time in the making...

...but after spending the last month or so talking with developers, making executive decisions on design, and what we want the app to accomplish, we're stoked to announce that it is nearing completion!

The current App UI

The main purpose of the app will be to act as a MIDI connection and subsequent bridge to other apps, while allowing you to map the layout of the controller connected.

Once connected to our app you'll be able to open any MIDI compatible application and have it recognize the device and receive MIDI data based on what you've mapped!

This will be huge, especially for NMSVE, as it allows you to easily connect and change the buttons/knob to any combination of notes, CC, PC, etc in one central place.

The app is planned to drop as a free download on iOS/iPadOS by the end of April, with an announcement preceding its release sometime mid-April 🌱⛅

DIY Kits have shipped!

Thank you to everyone who ordered a DIY Kit back in February/early March!

You're all early adopters of Noise Machine's first foray into the DIY world - and we're excited to see what you all think of our fun little kit ☺️ Majority of orders have now shipped, with some already arriving to their destinations 🌎

If you've received yours drop a comment below with any feedback you may have... we'd love to hear it! 👂

NAMM 2022 is booked!

We're officially attending our first NAMM this June, 2022! 

We'll be sharing a booth with a few other companies (Circuit Happy, LA Circuits, Playtronica, Conductive Labs) and will record some of our adventures live on IG throughout the weekend.

If you plan on attending be sure to hit us up! ✋

Parts Delay

We've been experiencing some shipping delays for NMSVE's parts as of late - the latest of which being batteries. This delay has had us on the phone with couriers for many hours, and a good deal of running around to our local UPS, trying to ultimately figure out where are batteries are so we can resume manufacturing.

We thank everyone who is waiting on an order to ship for their patience, as we are doing everything in our power to get these orders out as soon as humanly possible. 

As always, if you're waiting on an order to ship (or just have a question) and would like more info feel free to reach out to us at: info[at]thisisnoiseinc[dot]com.

New products

Since our last update we've began working on two other products to join NMSVE on our store (3 including the one mentioned in our last update!) all of which are slated for a 2022 release!

We're currently waiting on prototypes for 2/3 of them, with the third still in PCB development stage. If all goes to plan you may be seeing these 2 devices released as soon as this Summer (maybe even earlier 👀) with the 3rd most likely dropping closer to the Fall.

In the meantime, watch closely for any Easter Eggs... April is right around the corner after all 😉🥚

Okay, that's it!

With the community growing daily, everyone enjoying what NMSVE has to offer, and the excitement of new developments in the air, we're set to make 2022 the year of NOISE!!

If you have anything you'd like to add, or just want to chime into the conversation, drop a comment below 👇


- Zach (CDO @ this.is.NOISE inc)

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