2022 Progress Update #1

Yo! Zach here with our very first update of 2022 🎉🥳

...and believe us, we've packed a lot of new and exciting developments into this one!!!

Lets start with probably the biggest chunk of news:

App Development

As I'm sure you read back in our last update from November, we were eyeing some developers to begin working on our very own app to integrate with NMSVE - making it easier to get up and running while also offering some key features to optimize NMSVE's usefulness.

Well, today we're glad to announce that we've started the process with a developer and plan to have a basic version of this app up and running in the next couple months (or sooner! 🤞). 

There are a bunch of different things we're trying to add for v1.0, such as, basic NMSVE connection (similar to Korg BLE Connect), video tutorials, news, and the potential to change NMSVE's MIDI layout through the app (or as an AUv3 plugin) allowing the user customizable layouts and presets for whatever note, channel, and CC combinations they want to use. 

This feature in particular is one that has been highly anticipated by the community, so the majority of our focus is on making this happen for v1.0. 

Split Mode and Loop Mode Retirement

With the announcement of our upcoming app, we've also decided to retire NMSVE's other two modes: Split Mode & Loop Mode. This decision came through the realization that by utilizing software on different platforms customers are already able to accomplish Split Mode/Loop Modes basic functions without using them as integrated modes.

This, coupled with the need to simplify NMSVE's UI, as well as our own upcoming app, led us to the conclusion that these modes are no longer needed. As such, any unit sold AFTER FEBRUARY 8th, 2022 will include new code that boots Default Mode upon start-up with the choice to choose from the 12 different channels.

We will keep the documentation for Split Mode and Loop Mode on our website, for those of you with units that still have these modes available. 🙂


DIY Kits have been something our community has wanted for quite some time, and really the only reason we haven't done it so far was due to time restraints and having to figure out new packaging procedures to make it happen. But now that we're in the groove of things and orders are flowing we figured lets give the people what THEY WANT!

We're hoping to have these DIY Kits ready for purchase by the end of this month, with a variety of options to choose from at varying price points (i.e. basic version may only come with .STL for the 3D printed case, while complete version comes with a case of your colour choice). 

We want there to be options at all different price points to allow more accessibility and offer NMSVE to anyone without cost being an issue.

New Case Colours 

Man, we're just nailing these big announcements for this update! 

We also have two new colours coming later this month... We won't get into the details as we want them to be more or less a surprise, but expect the announcement to drop in the next couple weeks :)

We've also been eyeing a subscription based program from Proto-pasta (a company from the States, who regularly makes their plastic using recycled materials!) that would allow us to get random colours of PETG filament every 2 months. That way we always have fresh new colours while keeping the basic Galaxy/Jet Black and Clear always in stock as well. 

Ramping Up Advertisement

As we're sure you've seen, we've been ramping up our ad spend through social media platforms with our new ad campaign (another BIG shoutout to the artists whose clips we used to make that ad possible! Check the captions 👀) and plan on continuous experimentation to find the perfect ad flow to attract new customers to our product and community. 

2022 is already a huge year for us in terms of growth, and so we really want to lean into this momentum and see what comes from it!

New Product in Active Development

This was briefly mentioned in our last update, so we just wanted to elaborate a bit more on this and update you guys on its progress.

We were able to get the majority of the electronic design complete for Product #2 back in January, and are waiting on the first prototypes to land in the next month or so. Thinking optimistically, if we don't run into any major problems we could be able to reveal the name and overall function of our new device before NAMM 2022. 

There isn't a whole lot we can unveil in terms of details at the moment, but keep in mind this will be a separate MIDI product from NMSVE with a whole different use case. We're super excited with its progress thus far and think it could be a game changer in terms of workflow and how artists interact with their music.

Cap it Off 🧢

Another beefy update! Perhaps we'll try and do updates more frequently to make them a little shorter 😅

Regardless, with so many new things coming there's a lot of excitement in the air here at this.is.NOISE inc! It still baffles us that we were given this opportunity from you guys to make the absolute best products we can, and be able to be involved in this community. As we grow there's no doubt we will continue to play active roles and make innovative products by listening to what the community wants and needs.

February is looking to be a big month for us, and 2022 on a macro scale looks to be even bigger 👏 

Until next time,

- Zach (CDO @ this.is.NOISE inc)

p.s. we now have comments enabled for our updates so please feel free to drop one below! 👇


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