100% of Kickstarter orders BUILT 🙌🎉

Awwwww Yeah!!!

As of yesterday, all Kickstarter orders have been built and the majority have been shipped! 🎉📦

( /^ ▽ ^ )/     ( \^ ▽ ^ )\     ( /^ ▽ ^ )/

You can check the status of your Kickstarter order via your backed project page or alternatively in your pledge details. If you've answered the survey + paid for shipping then your status should be marked "Shipped" 🕺 If you're missing either of these things your status will say "Delayed" 😢

If your status says shipped and you'd like a tracking # for your shipment then please DM us and we can provide that for you as soon as possible. Otherwise, if your status says delayed, please also DM us so we can get it sorted out 👍

E-commerce Orders,

Now that the Kickstarter orders are all finished we will be focusing our efforts on e-commerce orders starting next week. The current plan is to have all the e-commerce orders built & sent out by the end of August or sooner ⏱️😎

After this, we'll continue the build process by starting on stock units that will be added to our store as the final "Wave 1" production. Then we can re-focus our efforts into marketing until these units are sold out 💪

Future Updates,

This is still TBD, but the majority of future updates will shy away from Kickstarter and take place on our Updates page on our website. Notifications of new updates will be sent via email to those subscribed to our mailer - you can sign up for our newsletter via the email sign-up form on our website. That's not to say this will be our final Kickstarter update, but definitely one of the last ones on the platform...

So once more, from the bottom of our hearts....

THANK YOU!!! 🙏🙌🎉

Thank you for playing a part in our Kickstarter story, and thank you for believing in Noise Machine and our team. It was truly amazing to have the opportunity to bring a new and exciting product to our first ever customers, and in turn learn exactly what it takes to turn an idea into a physical product. Without you guys we wouldn't even be off the ground, so for that we are incredibly grateful. We're very proud of the foundation this gives us as we move forward with Noise Machine and future products on the horizon 🌅 

This is just the beginning for our start-up - with a lot more still to come. 

Stay tuned!

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